becca, 21, lover of everything good and lovely~

that about sums me up in a nutshell. I enjoy many and all things, television shows, ships, music, people. Glee is one of those things. We have a crazy intense love-hate relationship going on. Darren Criss, Mia Swier, Lea Michele and Grant Gustin are my favorites and probably always will be, as you can tell as you scroll through dis blog o' mine. I am a shy gal but, I do not bite, I repeat, I do not bite. I'm easy to talk to meaning you can mssg me randomly and chances are, we'll become friends.

Haters to da left. This is a no hate blog so, if you're looking to voice hate about anyone or anything to me, check yo self. "I'm sorry, are you sad? I wish you a lifetime of happiness, and new hobbies! ;)" +
the city was on fire for us
we would've died for us

Another sneak peak at AMN.

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